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How to stay on track this Holiday Season

How to stay on track this Holiday Season

Who can resist indulging in the festivities at this time of year? Office parties, family get togethers and Christmas drinks with friends. It’s almost what this season is famous for – overdoing it and making sure you have good reason to make those resolutions come new years. 

While you may feel it your duty to luxuriate in all the goodies the season has to offer, how do you stay healthy when submerged in a tide of tins of brightly coloured sweeties and toffee nut lattes?


Here’s what to do:


  1. Stay Mindful

    Keeping an attitude of awareness and living in the moment can offer some much needed grounding when things get hectic.
    By staying mindful, it brings your attention to the present and how you’re feeling. This can be a useful tool for avoiding overeating and overdoing things. It can encourage us to leave behind the all-or-nothing mindset, freeing up some head space for the important things like spending time with our loved ones.

  2. Create Balance

    Too much Christmas cake, hot ports and chocolates. It’s easy to say we’ll stop after we’ve overdone it. Try to balance these out with movement and lots of vegetables.
    Drink plenty of water and even try making a healthy smoothie to get you back on track and feeling good. Set an intention to nourish your body at every opportunity through the holidays by eating whole, natural foods most of the time.

  3. Make Alternatives

    Snowballs - The Little Green Spoon

    Make and bake your own alternatives to your favourite treats using healthier ingredients. This will give you back some control and offer a replacement for those on special diets for medical reasons.
    Share the experience by including the little ones in your life. It can become a new holiday tradition when adopting a healthier lifestyle. Try Little Green Spoon’s Snowballs here.

  4. Keep Moving

This is always a good idea to reconnect with yourself and nature. Fresh air and movement are incredibly good for your body and mind. Though it may feel like the last thing you want to do after a huge meal, it can be a good excuse to get you away from the fridge, get your steps up and release some of those feel good endorphins. 

It’s good to be prepared and armed with a little compassion and awareness, you can enjoy the holiday season and not compromise your health. 

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