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"Pursuing a nutritional therapy course with Isolde has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself. It would be hard to overstate the positive effects that I quickly felt, and still feel now after one year under her guidance. The benefits have been huge: increase in energy, weight loss, reduction in joint inflammation pain, and - for the first time in my life - no more food cravings. As my food became more interesting and enjoyable my weight decreased. In particular, I loved the overall holistic approach to the therapy. I feel a new person and I find myself wanting everyone to benefit, as I have done, from Isolde's wisdom, her advice, her encouragement and her kindness. "
Susan, Dublin.
"I went to see Isolde for a number of reasons but mainly for my low energy levels, low mood and skin problems. She approached my issues holistically, focusing on all areas of health including nutrition, sleep and stress management. This was a 360, personalised approach taking into account where I was at that time. We worked together over a number of sessions to tackle all of my concerns. She explained the suspected reasons behind my symptoms and the reasons I should include certain foods and lifestyle changes to support my body. It was all done with a personal approach just for me. I felt she was very much on my team. The follow up material was presented in an appealing way and it was easy to understand. I now feel educated on the nutrition principles needed to feed and support my body in the right way. I’m happy to report that all of my issues have been resolved. I refer back to Isolde’s material on a regular basis and I’m confident that I now have the tools to look after myself for the future. I would 100% recommend Isolde. Honestly, she has turned my health around."
Alison, Cork.
“If I could stay this healthy after seeing Isolde, I’d be a happy man. I originally went to see her to get some control on my increasing cholesterol, manage my weight and get some help with some pain I’d been experiencing with my knee. By learning the principles of nutrition, I felt I had the tools to get and keep myself healthy but not just for me, for my family too. I’m happy to report after seeing Isolde for 3 sessions, my cholesterol and weight has stabilised and I finally feel good after a long time.”
Barry, Cork.
“I was looking for some guidance on healthy eating when I decided to get in touch with Isolde. I needed to lose some weight and I was also seeking some advice to tweak my diet to get me feeling good again. She provided support, encouragement, and tips on how to make healthy work for me. We addressed sleep, diet, exercise, and stress management as an all-around approach to improving my health. Following her recommendations, I had very fast results including weight loss. Her advice was well researched and specific to me and my health concerns. If you’re looking for professional service and sound advice for sustainable change, I would recommend Isolde”
Dara, Cork.