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What the..? Eggshells in my coffee?

What the..? Eggshells in my coffee?

Eggs have been given a bad wrap in the past. It was claimed that eating them raised our cholesterol and contributed to heart disease. But the science is in and the myth is over! (1) Eggs are back on the menu and you couldn’t get a more nutritious food than this!

Eggs have 13 essential nutrients including B vitamins, vitamin A, E and D. As well as antioxidants beneficial for eye health. The humble egg is also a terrific source of choline, a nutrient necessary for making an important neurotransmitter in the brain and is essential for metabolism and the structure of our cells (2).

Theses nutrients are found mainly in the egg yolk but what about the shell? I’ve put many of these in my compost bin but was curious when I noticed bags of them are sold as a soil fertiliser in hardware shops. What am I missing here, I thought.

Eggshells are made mainly of Calcium Carbonate, the composition of many calcium supplements. While there is some debate as to the absorption of this form of calcium in the body, there is some absorption (3).

Calcium we know is good for teeth and bones but also for a healthy heart and muscles. Getting it through food is the best option as opposed to supplementing. Our bodies are best adapted to using nutrients this way.

So when I recently read about people grinding up eggshells and putting them into their coffee, I thought, I can’t be missing out on an opportunity to nourish my body at every step. There’s nutrition in those shells!

So now I am one of those internet people grinding up my happy hen eggshells in my ‘bullet and adding them to my coffee! I’ve read that some people boil their eggs but I just rinse them in water and dry them out before grinding.

Add a teaspoon of the shells to your coffee grinds before you brew in your cafetiere or coffee machine. The crema seems to be enhanced by this step too. So sip and enjoy!

Additional froth and cinnamon sprinkle is a must these days.

…Of course, if this is a step too far for some, use the eggshells in your garden and plant soil to add nutrition and keep pests at bay. Bonus!




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